Grove Pavilion

Grove Pavilion is available for Hire!

Facility Summary:

  • Seating capacity for 80 people in the main Green Room, projector screen, lighting frame, public address (PA) system, and opening to the outdoor stage.

  • Fully equipped kitchen.

  • Outdoor alfresco decking area.

  • Outdoor performance stage, with light frame with power connections, and connection for remote sound monitoring.

Booking the Grove Pavilion

Grove Pavilion provides all-weather indoor and outdoor facilities for the local community for events including the annual Carols in the Park, as well as concerts, festivals, community and private events.

Available for hire, Grove Pavilion can cater for your special events, large or small, e.g. Concerts, Films, Community Events, Exhibitions, Club Activities, Seminars, Meetings, Theatre Shows and Rehearsals.

The Pavilion facility is perfect for local schools and community group gatherings and events.

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The Grove Pavilion was a long time in the planning by the Association headed by the late President Colin Atkins, with the original drawings/plans developed by the late Neil Wallace. Construction commenced in 2014 and completed with the official opening in April 2015. At a cost of around 1 million dollars it's aim was to provide Ocean Grove and surrounding Bellarine Peninsula communities with a performance venue and meeting place. The completed project is now a fantastic asset for all our community and has achieved the objectives set out in the initial proposal.

Planning and construction of Grove Pavilion was an Ocean Grove Park Inc. community project made possible by the substantial financial support of the:

  • State Government of Victoria ($500,000) & Greater Geelong City Council ($200,000).

  • Ocean Grove Connecting Communities ($150,000).

  • Association’s $153,000 allocation from it's fundraising efforts over the past 16 years.

Seven tenders were received, and after a thorough evaluation, the accepted contract was a fixed price of $795,000+GST. The price was within budget, with adequate funds also available for the supervision of the project construction, and for fittings and fit-out not included in the original contract.

The initial proposal was developed to provide Ocean Grove with a venue, permanently available for the use and enjoyment of the whole community; that will complement Ocean Grove Park’s natural environment and passive recreational opportunities, as the ‘Natural Heart of Ocean Grove’.

In particular it will:

  • Provide a venue to nurture local and emerging artists.

  • Provide opportunities for all socio-economic and demographic sections of the community to participate in and enjoy a full range of performing arts.

  • Provide for concerts, repertory, workshops, other events and incidental community activities appropriate to the facility.

  • Provide a flexible venue to accommodate a range of audience capacities to meet the needs of the community’s presentation of events.

  • Ensure any disturbance to the immediate neighbourhood is minimised by the design of the building its acoustic treatment and management.

President of the Park Association, the late Colin Atkins, at the time welcomed the imminent start of construction in 2014. He said it had taken a long time and hard work for it to come to fruition. But it was only part of the infrastructure installed in the park for the community over many years guided by the Association’s 2000 Master Plan for the Park. A plan that will be substantially implemented when the performance space is finished.

The saving of the park and the development this of pavilion, playgrounds, walking tracks gazebo and much more has been made possible by the dedication of the Association’s members and the community’s support for the many fund raising events.


The Ocean Grove Park committee manage and maintain the park and with a sub-committee managing the Pavilion. All of the committee members are volunteers from the local community. Anyone can become a member of the Ocean Grove Park and we are always looking for people to get involved, so if you would like to be involved please contact the Park Committee by emailing the President.