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Park Gazebo Roof  replaced 

The Ocean Grove Park Association, in June 2008,  let a contract to local builder A B & S A Irwin to re-roof the gazebo  near the playground facilities in Ocean Grove Park.

The gazebo, with a brightly coloured fabric roof, was originally constructed in 2006, however, vandals destroyed the fabric roof within weeks of its final installation. 

Colin Atkins, president of the Ocean Grove Park Association said, “ The destruction of the fabric roof by vandals was a big disappointment to the community and the Association, particularly as funding for such community facilities is hard work to assemble, even in this case when the State Government assisted with a grant. 

The bright fabric roof was considered ideal and welcoming in the park setting, however, in an attempt to minimise further damage by vandals the replacement roof has been constructed of timber rafters and corrugated colorbond in alternate panel colours of Headlands and Paperbark. 

The gazebo was designed as a meeting place and shelter from the weather for the community. It incorporates several seats and a picnic setting that the Park volunteers frequently maintain. 

“Judging by the use the gazebo had before it was vandalised, and even with its roof off, we feel sure the local community and visiting tourists will welcome its reinstatement”, said Colin Atkins. 

The cost of replacing the roof was $11,330, but Park volunteers kept the cost to a minimum by painting the timber rafters. 

Colin Atkins thanked all those who support the Association’s volunteer fund-raising efforts, for without that support the roof reinstatement and ongoing development and maintenance of the park would not be possible.